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Initially, the new Seon schools were regarded by the established doctrinal schools as radical and dangerous upstarts. The public works included developing railroads , , , etc. The Metropolitan Museum of Art.


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Jang married a Korean and became the founding ancestor of the.

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During this period, the Korean government conducted a westernization policy.

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The main capital and were designed and intended to be an imperial capital and imperial palace. One of the guerrilla groups was led by the future leader of communist North Korea, , in Japanese-controlled Manchuria. Out of despair, one of the Korean representatives, , committed suicide at The Hague.

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The two nations became intertwined for 80 years as all subsequent Korean kings married Mongol princesses, and the of the Yuan dynasty was a Korean princess. In 1388, Yi Seong-gye was sent to invade the at , but he turned his forces around and defeated Choe Yeong in a coup d'état; in 1392, he replaced Goryeo with the new state of , bringing an end to 474 years of Goryeo rule on the Korean Peninsula.